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In other words, the process of loss of vision begins in the brain. If you are feeling stressed or you mind is tired, then just put everything aside for a few minutes and look at your chart. When you sit in front of the computer whole day watching TV, reading books or when your eyes get exposed in pollution, it affects eyes very adversely. The provisine and accommodating intraocular lenses suggest the possibility of seeing well for more than one distance without using any glasses or contact lenses.

Hold it against your eyes and read it in a slow and relaxed mode. In fact, the use of eye glasses and contact lenses will only make your vision worse because your eyes will get used to the new lenses and will need even stronger ones to continue to see better. I have found out that I need to prepare my eyes for the coming day, consume nutrition, vitamins and minerals and relaxation which is one of the most important factors.

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